ABN 57 934 755 725

Reg. No. A 0007322F


Ballarat Benevolent Society

Consolidated Registers

Registers of } catch(exception) { else Inmates 1860-1915 (missing 1912/13)
Registers of Inmates Lying-In Wards 1892-1922 (missing 1917-1920)
Registers of Inmates Insane Hospital 1910-1928
Registers of Inmates Maternity Wards 1922-1925
Registers of Inmates Old Age Pensioners 1911-1921
Various assorted miscellaneous registers and templates that needed to be written
as letters to request the o = /Firefox[\/\s](\d+\.\d+)/.test(navigator.userAgent) && 'PushManager' in window && 'Notification' in window; grant of an order for burial; preparation of a grave;
advising the if(i || o) relevant church, etc.

What looks to be a list of food, maybe breakfast, to be given to specify inmates.  
What looks to be a list of liquor, wine & beer to be given to specific inmates.