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Ballarat Benevolent Society

Consolidated Registers

Registers of Inmates 1860-1915 (missing 1912/13)
Registers of Inmates Lying-In Wards 1892-1922 (missing 1917-1920)
Registers of Inmates Insane Hospital 1910-1928
Registers of Inmates Maternity Wards 1922-1925
Registers of Inmates Old Age Pensioners 1911-1921
Various assorted miscellaneous registers and register summaries


This transcription of the inmate registers of the Ballarat Benevolent Society is an ongoing project by Brett Weinberg.

The inmate registers belong to Ballarat Health Services, who, with Brett, have kindly allowed us to publish the transcripts on the Ballarat Historical Society website.

The transcripts have been re-sorted in alphabetic-surname order.


Aaa-Alk Baa-Baz Caa-Caz Daa-Diz Eaa-Ezz Faa-Flz
All-Azz Bba-Bkz Cba-Cok Dja-Dzz   Fma-Fzz
  Bla-Bra Col-Cou      
  Brb-Bro Cov-Czz      
Gaa-Gon Haa-Har Iaa-Izz Jaa-Joh Kaa-Ken Laa-Lez
Goo-Gzz Has-Hhz   Joi-Jzz Keo-Kzz Lfa-Lzz
Maa-Mbz Naa-Nzz Oaa-Ozz Paa-Phz Qaa-Qzz Raa-Riz
McA-McD     Pia-Pzz   Rja-Roz
McE-McK         Rpa-Rzz
Saa-Sgz Taa-Thz Uaa-Vzz Waa-Waz Xaa-Zzz Unknown
Sha-Slz Tia-Tzz   Wba-Wik    
Sma-Soz     Wil-Wil    
Spa-Szz     Wim-Wzz    





A template letter for the ordering of a coffin for a deceased inmate.

This is one of a number of templates that needed to be written
as letters to request the grant of an order for burial; preparation of a grave;
advising the relevant church, etc.

What looks to be a list of food, maybe breakfast, to be given to specify inmates.  
What looks to be a list of liquor, wine & beer to be given to specific inmates.