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Reg. No. A 0007322F


Ballarat Benevolent Society

Register of Inmates


Register of Inmates - Lying-In Wards
1892/93 - 1915/16


This transcription of the 301 Moved Permanently inmate registers of the Ballarat Benevolent Society is an ongoing project by Brett Weinberg.

The inmate registers belong to Ballarat Health Services, who, with Brett, have kindly allowed us to publish the transcripts on the

301 Moved Permanently

Ballarat Historical Society website.

The transcripts have been re-sorted in alphabetic-surname order.


 Aa-Al  Ba-Bd  Ca-Cg  Da-Dn  Ea-Ez  Fa-Fn
 Am-Az  Be-Bn  Ch-Cn  Do-Dz    Fo-Fz
   Bo-Bq  Co-Cq      
   Br-Bt  Cr-Cz      
 Ga-Gn  Ha-Hd  Ia-Iz  Ja-Jz  Ka-Kz  La-Li
 Go-Gz  He-Hn        Lj-Lz
 Ma-Mb  Na-Nz  Oa-Oz  Pa-Pn  Qa-Qz  Ra-Rn
 McA-McE      Po-Pz    Ro-Rz
 Sa-Sh  Ta-Th  Ua-Vz  Wa-Wd  Xa-Zz  Unknown
 Si-Sq  Ti-Tz    We-Wh    
 Sr-Sz      Wi-Wn    





A template letter for the

ordering of a coffin for a deceased inmate.

This is one of a number of templates that needed to be written
as letters to request the grant of an order for burial; preparation of a grave;
advising the relevant church, etc.

What looks to be a list of food, maybe breakfast, to be given to specify inmates.  
What looks to be a list of liquor, wine & beer to be given to specific inmates.