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Title: Queen Rose of Ballarat

Sepia photograph of an Aboriginal Woman - Queen Rose of Ballarat. Queen Rose wears an engraved possom skin cloak over a western style dress, carries a spear and a woven bag. She stands outside a brick building with the child. The photograph is possibly taken at a mission station. According to Ian Clark in "Monash publications in Geography No 37" Queen Rose waas of the Watha Wurrung, and the photo was taken at Coranderrk between 1876/7.

Subject Date: c 1876
Subject Location: Coranderrk, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 210-Filing cabinet (215:119 - colour photocopy in Vol 5 folder)
Object Size: 10.6 x 6.3
Object Condition: Silverfish damage. Five pineholes/minor rust marks. 1999-General fading.Silverfish damage around outer edge of photograph and mount card. Card has browned, and has silverfish damage