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A) B/w photo of Cabbage Tree Ned driving the Leviathan coach to Ballarat with about 100 passengers including the first English Eleven. The coach is in front of the Black Bull Hotel Geelong, 5th March 1862. B) B/w photo of the tombstone in the New Cemetery over the grave of Cabbage Tree Ned. Erected by the Cobb & Co. Coachdrivers Ass. C) B/w print with a brief description of Cabbage Tree Ned (Edwin Devine).

Subject Date: 1862
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph (2) & Print
Object Location: 210 now 215 MC 110
Object Size: H 22.9cm x W 16.3cm
Object Condition: Pin & rust marks, silverfish damage, discoloured