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Coloured original oil painting depicting a country scene. Shows farm dwellings at middle distance. Painters name appears in right-hand corner (bottom) - "Chas Young". A typed caption has been pasted onto bottom of painting. This reads: "Reputed To Be The First House Built In Ballarat Somewhere Near The Creek Presented By H. Twaits, St. Kilda".

Inscription: Details of paintings have been written on plain paper and taped onto its reverse. It reads: "This painting adorned a wall of the "Union" Hotel, Sturt St., Ballarat in the year 1900 when my late Mother - then Miss Alice Myers (later Mrs. Alice Thwaites) took over the licence from Mr. Con. Burrows. This painting is to be that of the first home built in Ballarat on the Yarrowee Flats close to the foot of the Dana St. hill".
Subject Date:  
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 210
Object Size: L 15.8cm x W 30.8cm
Object Condition: Eight holes around edge of painting.