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Montage of sepia - tone photos. Montage of a series of small sepia - tone head portraits: Names listed. "Inscribed: "Executive Committee & Officers Of The First Australian Juvenile Industrial Exhibition Alfred Hall 1878 Ballarat". Row L - R. 1. Campbell, J., Reid, H., Main, J.M., Whitehead, J., 2. Smith, J.C., Bodycomb, T., Curtis, E., Smith, H., 3. McDowall, J., Caselli, H.R. Chairman, Hunter, A., Hon. Treas., Flude, J., 4. Bradbury, H., Preshaw, G.O., Richardson, C.J. Corres. Sec., Evans, W., Smith, G., 5. Robinson, J., Keast, W.H., Benson, W., Proctor, W., 6. Serjeant, R.M., Matthews, P., McCartney, J., Buley, J.

Subject Date: 1878
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: OS 209 Mc37 now in 215 MC 166
Object Size: H 56.5cm x W 42.0cm
Object Condition: Poor - fair. Photos faded 1999 - Photographs are badly faded, and card mount badly miscoloured.