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Series of 21 small pictures of drawings + 1 photo. (A) Site Craigs Hotel 1852. (B) Craigs Hotel 1859. (C) North Grant Hotel 1859. (D) U.S. Hotel, Victoria Theatre, Criterion House & Store, Main Road. (E) Ballarat in 1856. (F) Camp by Roadside 1850. (G) Dana Street hill 1870. (H) Cradling at Golden Point 1855. (I) Eureka Nov. 1853. (J) Ballarat 1857. (K) Main Road 1870. (L) Johnny Ah Loo's Restaurant Main Road 1852 rear Titheridge & Growcott Ballarat 1851. (M) Ballarat Scene 1851. (N) Ballarat 1853. (O) Scene in Ballarat 1852. (P) Sturt Street now Thorntons Photographers. (Q) After Eureka 1853. (R) First store in Golden Point 1851. (S) Proposed Monument Explorer's. (T) Arrival of Army 1854. (U) Camp Street 1870.

Subject Date: 1850 - 1870
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: OS 209 Mc36 now in 215 MC 166
Object Size: H 32.0cm x W 29.5cm
Object Condition: Poor