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Series of b/w photos on card (20). 20 Small pictures of photos & drawings pasted onto a card. (A) Bridge Street 1874 (photo). (B) Gold Escort 1852 (Drawing). (C) Bell - ringer (Drawing). (D) The One - Hundredth Locomotive Engine, Phoenix (Photo). (E) Lydiard Street 1855 (Drawing). (F) View from Black Hill 1853 (Drawing). (G) Wesleyan Church 1858 (Drawing). (H) A Civic Occassion n.d. (Photo). (I) Mining Registrar Office (?). (J) Hospital 1859 (Drawing). (K) Lydiard Street (Drawing). (L) Rev. W. Henderson, St. Andrew's Kirk 1883 (Photo). (M) Lydiard Street (Same as K). (N) Business Licence (Copy photoed). (O) Celebratory Arch n.d. (Photo). (P) Cnr. Bridge & Victoria Streets 1866 (Photo). (Q) Notice re Eureka (Copy Photoed). (R) Gold Licence (Photo - copied). (S) Bridge Street Flood 1870 Cnr. Bridge Streets & Main Road (Photo). (T) Main Road 1859 (Drawing).

Subject Date: 1852 - 1883
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: OS 209 Mc37
Object Size: H 31.5cm x W 29.0cm
Object Condition: Very poor