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B/w magazine photo view of buildings in a rural setting. Two typed labels: "The Old White Swan Hotel 1904 Licensee Miss. Lottie Ritchie Daughter Of The First Owner Of The Hotel W. Ritchie. The White Swan Reservoir In At The Rear Of The Hotel. This Was On The Main Daylesford Road, And Was Closed". A newer typed label is on the lower righthand side: "The First Licence For This Hotel Was Granted To William Ritchie June 2? 1862, And Was Held In The ...... Family Until The Hotel Closed". Inscribed on photo: "White Swan, On The Dean Road".

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Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 210
Object Size: H 9.0cm x W 25.0cm
Object Condition: Poor, silverfish damage