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Cutting from a magazine mounted on cardboard showing a large group of people (many holding umbrellas) gathered around the Eureka Monument. Caption reads: "Gathering On The Ground At The Eureka Memorial, December 4. Fiftieth Anniversary Of the Eureka Stockade: Celebrations At Ballarat On December 3 And 4". A British and Australian flag fly around the Eureka Monument.

Inscription: Some pencil calculations on back of cardboard.
Subject Date: 1904
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 210 (filing cabinet)
Object Size: 21.0 x 30.4
Object Condition: Fair. Yellowed paper. Perforations around edge of cutting. 1998 - Ten pinholes around aouter edge. Evidence of silverfish attack on the centre/RH edge.