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A lithographic print mounted on cardboard featuring two drawings of the Black Hill Company's mine claim. (1) The top drawing features the above - ground workings and buildings of Mine with large chimney and woodstack. A treeless Black Hill can be seen in the background. This drawing is titled; "The Black Hill Quartz Mining Companys Claim Ballarat". (2) The bottom drawing features the interior of building showing enormous crushing machinery. This is titled; "The Black Hill Companys Quartz Crushing Machinery. Quartz Produced Per Week About 1000 Tons. Consisting Of --60 Revolving Stamps 70 Lbs Each. Yield Of Gold About 3 Dwts Per Ton".

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Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 210 OS
Object Size: L 27.1cm x W 21.2cm
Object Condition: Poor. Silverfish damage. Perforations & rust caused by drawing pins.


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