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A. Sepia toned photograph of a group of miners. Photograph is mounted on cardboard. Typed caption has been pasted onto bottom left hand corner of photograph. It reads: "A Day Shift Brittania Mine Barkly Street 1889". B. S/T view of a mine yard with timber around and poppet - head behind. Pencil inscription on reverse "Britania United 1897". Mounted on card not quite cut to right shape.

Subject Date: 1887 & 1889
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 210
Object Size: A. L 23.7cm x W 29.0cm B. L 26.5cm x W 29.5cm
Object Condition: Fair. Torn at corners. Stains and holes in photograph caused by use of drawing pins.