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A lithograph of a nugget owned by "Julius, Isidor & Joseph Wittkowski" titled "The Welcome Nuggett". Details of the "Names Of The Company" and names of "Who Found The Nugget" are listed. Drawing shows a "View Of The Red Hill Mining Companys Claim Bakery Hill, Ballarat". Information given regarding the nuggets discovery reads: "The Welcome Nugget was taken from the above claim on 9th June 1888 at twenty minutes past eight P.M. Its weight is 2217 Oz lb Dwts being 500 Oz. heavier than the Blanch Barkly. It has been assayed by Wm. Birkmire Esqr. at the Port Philip Gold Co". "Contains 99.20 per cent of pure gold - 23 carat 3 1/2 grains being the purest mass of native gold on record".

Subject Date:  
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 210
Object Size: L 18.2cm x W 15.1cm
Object Condition: Litho mounted on cardboard. Stains & holes caused by rusty drawing pins.