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B/w photo features a group of men in cricket gear in front of stand. Label on card: "England v Ballarat Played At The Oval, Jan 10 - 11, 1902". Reverse inscription = Match score. Australia - 2nd Innings, Duff C Hirst B Rhodes 1 Darling C Braind B Barnes 0 Trumper C Lilley B Jackson 62 Gregory Run Out 29 Noble B Jackson 8 Hill C M? B Jackson 119 Noble B Jackson 8 Armstrong B Rhodes 26 Kelly C Hirst B Rhodes 0 Trumble B Rhodes 0 Saunders B Rhodes 0 Hopkins Not Out 40 Sundries 3, Total 289 (b) Much larger version. England 2nd Innings Abel C Hill B Noble 8 Jessup Not Out 53 Tyldesley Not Out 11, Total 1 for 73 Australia Won By 143 Runs.

Subject Date: 1902
Subject Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Object Type: Photograph
Object Location: 209 Mc38
Object Size: (a) H 23.0cm x W 26.5cm (b) H 45.5cm x W 57.0cm
Object Condition: (a) Poor (b) Poor, fair

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